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      • Pluto Vacation Cut Short
        Zort has been vacationing on Pluto for the last 20 years (time sure flies when you are having fun at near absolute zero) but had to cut it short when he learned that Pluto had been demoted. Dwarf-Planet? Who the hell wants to vacation on a damn Dwarf-Planet? Not Zort!

        So why not just m

      • Adulation Wand Directions
        We have a first draft of directions for creating your own Adulation Wand! All you need is some outdated printer paper and scotch tape. Click the "Adulation Wand How-To" link in the "Links" block.

        Also another Friend of Zort™ is going to take some pictures of the proc

      • Welcome Gleebs!
        Welcome to the Zort::Gleebmonger to the stars! weblog!
        Stay tuned for lots of Zort::Gleebmonger to the stars! info!